The obvious questions

You know what they are:
You’ve been dating for XX months/years, when will you get engaged?

When are you guys going to get married?

When are you going to buy a house (this one gets asked before being engaged, during engagement and after the wedding)?

After the wedding, when are you going to have a baby?

Peers having babies, so does this make you want to have a baby? (Then repeat house/baby question)

If no one has asked you any of these questions then you must not be human! Is it a bad thing to not do any of these? Or how about not doing it when everyone else is doing it? People should just be happy for people, instead of instilling their lifestyle choices/expectations/perceptions onto others. I liked how technology executive Sonita Lontoh put it “I find it interesting though that most of the time, a child-free person will have to defend or explain their choice, but those who choose to have children seldom have to defend or explain their decision. Maybe that’s because having children is way more common in our society than not having children.”

Lately I’ve been taking pics of my friends babies which is such a fun challenge for me! I like seeing what my friends will do to get their child to pay attention to the camera. Sometimes I’m laughing so hard that I can’t keep my camera still! I love how my friends essentially have no shame in singing and making noises to get that photo! It’s so heartwarming and funny. Also, for me it’s quite a challenge to capture a nice photo of a baby. You have a small window of time where they are happy or have their eyes open! I’m getting a lot of good practice and am so happy that my friends ask and trust me to take photos. It makes me want to take better photos!! Anyway, I’ll leave you with a couple of my favorites from the past month!

One month old!


11 months!

I’ll keep practicing while these cuties aren’t annoyed by me! 🙂


Photos – Santa Ynez

When I shoot a series of the same subject/object, the first image always comes out the best.

Random tree outside of a winery. Taken on our anniversary with my 30mm f/1.4. It was a gorgeous anniversary day.