About me

“After awhile, I learned that I was just as likely to find bliss on a folding table in a dicey parking lot as I was in a Michelin-starred restaurant.” Jonathan Gold

-I really am five feet tall.
-I love food and everything related to it.
-I live in the westside of LA. Yes just a few miles west of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. I love it here because the weather is unbeatable.  And no, I really don’t deal with traffic on a daily basis.
-My first time on a plane was June 2002, I taught conversational english in Dongguan China.  This trip instilled my love for traveling, whether I travel for work or for leisure.
-I love taking photos…my first camera was a Kodak Cameo at 11.  I’m still learning how to use my dSLR
-My previous jobs have allowed me to travel (I used to travel up to 50% of the time). Now I just travel for fun with my loved ones 🙂
-Between May 2007 to August 2011: I’ve spent 13 weeks in Mexico in, 4 weeks in Brazil, 2 weeks in Argentina, 1 week in Peru, a couple of days in Costa Rica, and a day in Uruguay. For a non-native Spanish/Portuguese speaker, I know Latin America quite well.

Favorite comfort food: When I don’t see my parents it’s peas with rice. If I see my parents, then anything they make makes me feel warm and full of love!

Favorite indulgent snack: Macarons, creme brule, and tiramisu.

Memorable meals:
Customized tasting menu at Nobu thanks to our friend who was the Sous dessert chef at the time, December 2004
Kobe beef with friends in Kyoto, Japan, March 2006 – The quest for this dish was quite memorable!
Pizza in Toronto – our failed attempt to find the Chinese restaurant that served lobster 4 ways!
La Cabrera in Palermo (Buenos Aires, Argentina) with <3, November 2008
Robuchon with friends, November 2009

I want a place to document my food experiences, whether it’s cooking, eating at a local restaurant, or eating overseas. I also want to document some of my travel adventures.

Cameras in use:
-Iphone 5 since 6/2013 (After my first android, I still favor the Iphone)
-Ipad 3 since 4/2012
-Canon S95 since 2011
-Canon Xsi with 30mm f/1.4 since 2008

Retired cameras:
-Iphone 4 (2012-2013)
-Samsung Nexus S (2010-2012)
-Iphone 2G (2009-2010 Yes I’m very late on smartphones!)
-Canon SD400 (2005-2008)
-Canon S200 (2002-2005)


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