No excuses




I ran my second half marathon this past Sunday. My time was 2:38:19, I didn’t improve my personal best. I was majorly sick. I was bedridden with a major fever for two nights before the race, so I guess “I should be happy” that I finished but I’m pretty disappointed that my time was so bad for myself. I hate telling people I was sick and that’s why I was slow. It sounds like such an excuse.

Don’t you hate it when people make excuses? Like when it comes to working out, I hear “Oh I would like to work out BUT *insert excuse here*” I’ve heard so many. I don’t like to run. I don’t have anyone to workout with. It’s too hot here. It’s too cold here. I’m tired when I get off of work. It’s too dark. I’m too slow. When I watch the Biggest Loser you can see all of the excuses come out. But there comes a moment where the contestant finally realizes that they just have to switch their mindset so that they CAN do it, and they are on fire. People need to change the way they think. Because when you do, you can even run a half marathon with the flu!


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