SE Asia

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great 2012 because I sure did! We got married, that was a wonderful day filled with our favorite people. I’m glad I got to spend 2012 with the people that matter most. I got to see many different milestones among my friends and I’m so glad we got to share in these new experiences together.

In November we visited Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Why these countries? It was originally sparked by a friend who invited us to go to Vietnam…however after much research I was more drawn to visiting Thailand. The Mr. has been to Thailand a few times, he wanted to see Singapore since he hadn’t visited since he was a kid…and then we thought, why not visit Kuala Lumpur since it’s right there! At least husband gets to visit one new country on this trip! 🙂 I have tons of hotel points from my days of traveling for work that I saved for our honeymoon. Turns out you get more bang for your points in SE Asia than anywhere else in the world. That’s because 4 star+ hotels are really nice here. Also, we’ve been wanting to visit these countries for awhile, always noting that airfare was ridiculously more expensive during Christmas. So why not go during Thanksgiving?

I’m including food pics:

Singapore – it was really hot. as in, in the 80s and humid. Singapore’s kinda boring. It’s very clean at least?

Brunch – Greenhouse at Ritz Carlton

Unlimited Moet…Rose and Grand Vintage Brut

Tian Tian Chicken Rice – the rice was disappointing

Jumbo Seafood

Kuala Lumpur – definitely one of those, “OK I’ve been here” and as fun as it was, I’m indifferent about going back.

Afternoon Tea at the Mandarin Oriental

Famous “last” coffee shop Yut Kee

Thailand – I ❤ Thailand. I love the food. Thai people are so nice. The islands are stunning, unlike any islands I’ve seen before (I heard it looks similar in Vietnam too). I’m so happy we went, I would love to go back.

Street food is awesome here!!

our island for the day

Here’s to an awesome new year!


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