China 2002

As I was cleaning one of my closets, I came across a journal that I kept while in China. China was my first trip overseas, ever, where I taught conversational English to middle school aged students. There was barely any internet while I was there, so it was a good thing I had a journal! I wanted to share some of the things I wrote.

Keep in mind I was 21 years old! 🙂

7/10/2002: “OK so I’m finally in China! It’s so surreal. I don’t really feel like I’m in ANOTHER country.”

My first time seeing Hong Kong, we flew from LAX to TPE to HKG:  “Then we went on a plane trip to Hong Kong which took an hour. It was soooo cool bc I saw so many clouds, I could see the ocean. It was SO pretty!”

When we arrived in the HKG airport and I ordered McDonald’s: “first glimpse of Chinese portions…dude a large is a SMALL”

“I got my first blast of humid weather. Oh my gawd it’s horrible. It’s Vegas twice as bad. I hate Vegas in the summer. I hate stickiness. I especially hate getting a blast of hot weather coming out of a cold place. I think it’s worse when you’re just in a relatively hot area and you’re sweating…ugh…”

When we went to Walmart…which btw, prior to that Walmart I had never stepped foot inside a Walmart in the states: “Went to another Walmart and bought our first jelly drink. Pretty good. I’d buy it again. Fay picked up live shrimp with her bare hands. She also “netted” some live frogs there. Interesting. A Walmart with take-out food. More than half of it was a grocery store.” As you can see, the Walmart there had live food!

Lastly my favorite entry that I wrote on 7/21/2002:
“I’m so happy I did this China program…it just opens my eyes and makes me appreciate…living and being excited to try new things. I can’t wait to do more. I can’t wait till I’m older where I’m with someone who wants to travel with me! After this, I want to go to Italy, Greece, Japan, Australia, Vietnam, South America (the Caribbean!)…I’ll look into this stuff. I want to travel a lot before I have kids. That way, when I have kids, I’ll take them to places that I know would be good! :P”

Ten years later..funny how some things don’t change 🙂 I still want this. If we have kids, I want our kids to feel this excitement that I felt.


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