La Rioja – Baigorri

Sorry for my lack of updates, I’ve been feeling quite tired lately but I’ll try to do my best!

One of the bodegas that we visited was Baigorri. Since La Rioja is SO stretched out and we already had tapas the night before in Logrono, we also ate lunch at Baigorri since they were one of the few places that offered a tasting menu. Just to note, one of the interesting things about La Rioja is that visitors cannot just walk in to any bodega expecting to be served wine, like you would at most of the wineries in CA. You have to make a reservation and usually it comes with a tour. Anyway onto the food! Per the English translated menu which I’m sure, probably sounded much more pleasant and more descriptive in Spanish. So what I’ll explain to you is my interpretation of what I ate, and what I think was in the food, due to my limited Spanish and the staff’s limited English (it works perfectly well if one person knows both really well, haha).

Crunchy Salmon: toasted whole kernel corns aka America’s “Cornnuts” with smoked salmon. Good thing they crushed the kernels instead of serving them whole.

Mini talo riojano with idiazabal cheese sauce. This was like a firm quesadilla with a red bell pepper/onion filling. Idiazabal cheese had a slight goat cheese taste to it, but it had a room temperature – butter like texture which made it spreadable.

Morcilla delights with apple marmalade. The morcilla was covered in toasted hazelnuts so you couldn’t taste the typical blood sausage. I really liked this one. The apple marmalade was warm, like the thick, gooey parts of a homemade apple pie. It went really well with the morcilla.

Riojan bean cream. White bean soup…mixed with onions and red bell peppers…which caused the red color, but definitely had the red bell pepper taste to it…all blended together to make this rich/smooth soup. Then it was drizzled with olive oil and a pickled pepper to top. The pepper wasn’t too spicy and it wasn’t sour like those dreaded banana peppers. It definitely added a little bit of kick to the soup. The bits on top tasted like crunchy bits of pork, most likely Iberican pork as our next dish was that.

Iberico pork slow cooked in baigorri red wine with garnish. I was too full at this point to even eat this! Husband said it was excellent, very tender pork.

Crunchy ice cream. Oh, it was sure pretty, at this point I felt like I was going to explode!

All of this yummy food. I was worried. I was worried that I wouldn’t enjoy my time in our next city, San Sebastian, especially with our much anticipated meal at Mugaritz! Will post that soon, if I remember…
Carretera de Vitoria, 0, 01307 Samaniego, España 


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