Update, whoops

My bad! 🙂

We are inching closer to the big day! How do I feel? Surprisingly, not as stressed as I thought I would be. Having been a bridesmaid 4 times so far, I’ve seen my fair share of how brides can be on the day of! I was scared I would be a bridezilla…maybe that will come out the month before the wedding day? I think what’s kept me calm is having an awesome fiancĂ©! I always joked that I’m the COO and he’s the CEO and after planning a big event like this, I really do believe it. I’m really good at finding stuff but ❤ is the best when it comes to making the “executive decision.” Because you know, before we got knee deep into wedding planning, I was all sorts of anti-wedding. I still am, I hate weddings.  I don’t think anyone should plan a wedding if they’re not financially ready. And the biggest thing a bride should admit is that…if you’re not an event planner, most likely you have not planned a big soiree like this before, so be willing to take feedback from people who got married! Let a professional help you, that’s what they do best! After all of this wedding planning, I would NEVER want to be part of the wedding business. I can’t imagine dealing with the bridezillas out there!

Anyway, I hope everyone gets to enjoy some time off before the new year. Cheers to 2012, I know I’m excited!


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