Puerto Vallarta

Just when I thought I was finished traveling to Mexico ever again, one of my best friends wanted to have her bachelorette party in Puerto Vallarta. I’ve never been to PVR so I was excited to check out a different part of Mexico. Previous to this trip, I’ve only been to Rosarito, Monterrey and Mexico City. I’d have to say Puerto Vallarta was on one my least favorite places to visit…and I think I’ve visited a number of cities all over the world! Why? Tourist trap. I hate hate hate tourist traps. Have you been to Orlando? It’s like that. Everything feels like it was intentionally created for the tourist in mind. Tour agencies and resorts everywhere. Typical Mexican food was non-existent.

I don’t like going on tours either. I actually hate them with a passion. I feel like the best way to see what an ugly American is like is to be on a tour, in a tourist trap city.

I think places like PVR makes other awesome places like Mexico City look so bad. I have absolutely no desire to go to Cancun or Cabo. As a matter of fact, someone told me that Puerto Rico is like PVR, except with more English speakers. I know that PR is US territory which probably explains this, but I don’t have any desire to go to Puerto Rico now either! I also don’t want to go to the Caribbean. If I ever do go to the Caribbean, it’s probably because I’m old or someone else made the decision to go there. I even told <3, I do NOT want to go anywhere that’s remotely touristy for our honeymoon. I just don’t want to be around the ugly American!

I’ll give PVR some credit. My friend and I shared a garlic grilled fish that was pretty awesome. I think that was the best meal of the trip. Granted the tours served us things like bbq ribs and paella, so it’s not like I had many great options! BTW, how is paella Mexican food? Oh, get this, you hear foreigners pronouncing paella as “pie-ee-ya” instead of “pie-a-ya.” geez…

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved Hawaii. I could go back to Hawaii many times. I don’t know, Hawaii just has such charm…

Since 2009, I have now been to Mexico for 13 weeks. Do you know any non-Mexicans that have gone to Mexico that often? Next year my other best friend’s boyfriend invited us to go to Baja with them. I’m actually looking forward to that trip. I would love to have local Baja food!


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