French Butter

Nothing beats a croissant from France. It’s light, flaky, and buttery. When we came back to the states, I ordered my “favorite” croissant in LA at Amadine patisserie. Prior to the trip I didn’t mind it, but it just doesn’t taste the same. Sadness. What is it about the those croissants in France? Obviously I’m not a baking expert, I think it’s the butter! French butter totally tastes different from American butter. One of the couples we met in Paris (traveling from Australia) told us that they bought  some butter at the market and “ate it like it was cheese.” hmmm. The day we made scallops in our Paris apartment, we bought butter at the local Carrefour. We bought one of the cheaper butters, President (which they also served in the Eurostar):

It had an awesome flavor. Yummmy. If the cheap stuff tastes like this, imagine the greatness of the pricier butters!

On chowhound I found that a lot of people liked the Pamplie butter, which we purchased at Surfas in Culver City.

However, it didn’t taste the same. Actually, it tasted like half president and half American butter. Maybe it tastes differently in France? Maybe transporting the butter over made it lose some of its freshness.

The next butter I purchased was something I never knew about. As you may know, the Vietnamese cuisine has some French influence. I learned that a lot of my Vietnamese friends ate canned French butter while growing up! Luckily I was in the Little Saigon area yesterday and my gal pal found it for me! Apparently most of the major Vietnamese grocery stores sell this and at $4.99 a can, it was worth giving it a shot!

I didn’t have this growing up because we lived in Pittsburgh. Since I was only a kid living in Pittsburgh, I assume products from overseas are more difficult to locate in Pittsburgh. So I didn’t grow up eating this canned butter like some of my Vietnamese friends that lived in CA since they were babies. I can’t wait to try this butter. I’m waiting until ❤ returns home so we can experience it together. I will keep you updated!

As for purchasing French butter, I feel fortunate that we live in Los Angeles where there are so many gourmet shops. I believe Surfas has three brands of French butter: Pamplie,  Isigny Saint Mere, and President. BTW, Surfas is an awesome store for reasonably priced cooking ware and other types of gourmet groceries. I love visiting this store! In my search for French butter, I found that if you don’t live near Surfas, the other places that will sell French butter include cheese shops! In my area, that will include Wally’s Wine House’ Cheese Box and the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills.

8777 W Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232


3 thoughts on “French Butter

  1. I love butter so freakin’ much, just chunks of it, on bread, ie, “would you like some bread with that butter”? President produces quite a bit of their cheese within US, but the butter remains made in France, and rather easy to procure (available at some nicer Ralph’s?)

    Thinking that tub of Beurdell would produce a rather kickass bo luc lac… Let us know how it tastes?

  2. I tried the canned butter, it was not reminiscent of butter in France 😦

    I will have to experiment with it and make bo luc lac!

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