Nomiya – Paris

Pop up restaurants…I’ve been to a few in LA and have been disappointed. Yatai for its barely warm ramen and LudoBites for its overcooked quail eggs, among other things. I think these fail because the staff is not working in their own territory. At least, that’s what I hope it is. So when the new york times posted their latest 36 hours in Paris list and featured a pop up bistro, I was a bit resistant. However, because this one had a gorgeous view of the one and only tower, I figured let’s give it a shot! First off, the restaurant was originally supposed to close summer 2010. Due to its popularity, they continued to run it a bit longer! In order to make reservations, you have to go to Nomiya’s website which is sponsored by Electrolux. The restaurant features all Electrolux appliances. Reservations can only be made online and the day that you want becomes available one month in advance. The restaurant only offers one seating for lunch and dinner each day. Also note that the restaurant only serves 12 patrons for each seating.  That’s where Google calendar comes in handy!

The restaurant sits on the roof of the Palais de Tokyo, a modern contemporary arts museum.

This is how close the Eiffel tower was to us!

Here is the inside of the restaurant. First you see the kitchen. Through the kitchen you see the main dining area.

The view from the inside dining area:

They were very generous serving champagne and wine as we waited!

As you may have guessed, because the place only fits 12, you’re sitting with 10 other strangers. In our seating, everyone was a local from Paris. The locals were surprised that two Americans were able to get reservations! They told us how difficult it is to make reservations. I told them it helped that we were in a different time zone when we booked! 😉

Onto the food! The server told us what the food was in French. Due to our limited French, we used our other senses to guess what we were eating!

Thankfully we cook with different colored beets all of the time, so we knew instantly this was beet ravioli! One was made of golden beet and the other from the pink beet. It was also topped with baked to a crisp red beet. The inside was filled with crab meat! They served this with avocado sauce on the sides.

The next dish were slices of raw scallops topped with a citrus sauce. It also had thin slices of lime peel and pieces of

orange peel. It was so refreshing!

Our main entree was beef topped with chopped tomatoes and cilantro/green onion foam. I remembered this one because it reminded me of eating a carne asada with salsa fresca. On the side was a rattatuoille. The inside had fresh carrots, peas, onions and was wrapped in zucchinni. Eventhough beef is a “heavy” dish, it tasted so refreshing because of the produce.

Our dessert was a blanched strawberry/rhubarb tart with ice cream. I know people like to pair strawberries and rhubarb together, but I personally do not like it. I don’t like rhubarb because it reminds me of celery. I hate eating celery because it’s so thready! Anyway, the rhubarb in this dish was prepared such that the “stringiness” of the rhubarb wasn’t so bad.

This has got to be the best pop up restaurant I’ve been to thus far. I believe it’s because this pop up has been around for many more months than the ones I’ve been to in the states. I also liked how we dined with complete strangers who obviously loved food as much as us. It was a great time for us, interacting with local foodies and enjoying the amazing view!

If you have a chance to dine here, I highly recommend it! Enjoy!
13, avenue du Président Wilson
Paris, France


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