Paris part duex

My second time in Paris and I love this place. It’s like an old version of New York. Lots of awesome food, history, and easily accessible by public transportation. Just like New York, the weather can be super hot or super cold. My first time I spent a week in the summer of 2003. From what I remember, it was one of the record high summers at that time. Even elderly people died because of the heat! This time we went during a great time, warm days with cool evenings! I definitely recommended people visit Paris during the spring over the summer!

I’m listing out where we ate so i won’t forget and will post pics later

Tuesday –
-brassiere in the marche montoguiel
-attempt at Le Chateaubriand and then le compotoir du relais

Wednesday –
Nomiya for lunch
le Chateaubriand for dinner
Bar behind a closed Mexican restaurant with our Australian friends

Thursday –
Chez Marianne
Guy Savoy

Picnic at museum Rodin
Creperie Bonaparte
Comptoir de gastronomie

J’go – Rotisserie chicken

Crepes at Bastille market
Made dinner


One thought on “Paris part duex

  1. it’s comforting that you say you love it there! paris gets such a bad rap from americans so it’s discouraging to visit. i always say i want to move there but i’ve never even been! lol

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