Hello from the UK!

I wanted to post some first impressions. First off it’s my first time in London! It’s a bit chilly, in the 50s which isn’t too bad when you’re walking around. One thing I love about cold weather which you don’t see in southern California are girls wearing pantyhose. I love pantyhose, especially patterned ones and I rarely have an occasion to wear them at home!

I love how the streets have “look left” or “look right” painted on the streets for tourists!

I also like the pedestrian friendly crossings (noted by the flashing yellow light posts).

Can anyone explain why some lanes are crooked? My gf has lived here for over a year and doesn’t know.

Some English terms, some we are already familiar to:
Yield  – give way
Elevator – lift
Restrooms – toilet
To go – take away
Sidewalk – foot path

Tap water is drinkable here.

I love nivea deodorant which I can’t buy in the states so I’m definitely going to get some here. Tomorrow we are off to Amsterdam, can’t wait to cycle! We will be back in London later on this month!


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