Anderson’s Pea Soup – Buelton

Before heading back home, we went to Anderson’s. Because if you don’t know by now, I LOVE PEAS. I loved peas so much that I would put extra frozen peas in my cup o noodles. I always have frozen peas in my freezer. Peas are one of my “staple” foods that I enjoy eating. Like if I’m too lazy to cook or there’s nothing in the fridge, I will heat a bowl of peas, top it with butter and salt. I’ve made split pea soup twice. Once I followed Alton Brown’s recipe and the second time I followed Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc recipe. I was quite excited to try a famous split pea soup place!

As I took the photo above all I could think about was “aww, just like on tv!” I know, how touristy! 🙂

I had the all you can eat soup special. They have a big pot where the servers readily refill bowls. So when you order it, it comes out in seconds!

First I wanted to try it without all of the toppings. OK to be honest, after making the Ad Hoc split pea soup this soup was very underwhelming. It tasted really thick, like did I get the soup that collected at the bottom? I mean it was good, but this is one instance where I felt like the soup I made tasted much better! I think it’s because their soup didn’t have much ham to it? It did come with a cup of chopped up ham but I think having the ham bone actually cooked with the soup develops the flavors more.

❤ had eggs. Not much to say here because we know what this will taste like!

Overall, I think it’s worth checking out this place if you happen to be in the area. The restaurant also has a bakery where they sell danish pastries and cookies, just like in Solvang. If you forget to buy any souvenirs while in Solvang, you can also find tons of things here. Or you can even purchase some dried split peas!

Anderson’s Pea Soup
376 Avenue of the Flags
Buellton, California 93427


One thought on “Anderson’s Pea Soup – Buelton

  1. I’ve had that pea soup while I was in Fl and I felt the same way! Very underwhelming for such a famous place. My coworker’s pea soup tasted better…and I totally agree, split pea soup needs the ham!!

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