Anniversary dinner at Root 246 – Solvang

For our “official” anniversary, we wanted to go where it became “official.” Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez was our first road trip and first wine tasting trip. This time we stayed in Solvang. For our anniversary dinner we ate at Root 246. I found Root 246 through a cnn article that I bookmarked months before. The restaurant uses fresh, local produce. Located in Solvang, it was a convenient walk from our hotel. Since we were there during Valentine’s Day weekend, they had a special menu. We opted for a la carte.

We started with the cheese plate.

I can’t remember the names of the cheeses but I do remember there was the simmered red onions on the side, it was a nice touch compared to having jams/jellies. The cool thing about cheese plates is that you get to try a little bit of every cheese. Like we would never get a wedge of goat cheese to eat, but a teeny sample is lovely!

Our next appetizer was the pork belly. It was well prepared. It had slices of dried blood orange. I really think the fattiness of the pork belly went well with the citrus on the plate. It does “cut” through the fat.

I had the pan fried chicken. At first I was like, what’s the difference between fried-fried chicken and pan fried chicken?? So what they did was flour the chicken and cook it in the pan instead of deep frying it in a pot of oil. I really liked the seasoning and flavor the pan fried chicken had. The apple slaw complemented the saltiness of the fried chicken. I was so full!

❤ had artic char. Artic char is similar to salmon but didn’t taste as fatty as salmon. It was in between a sockeye salmon and a king salmon. Personally my favorite salmon EVER is sockeye salmon that we had in Seattle. After that, salmon has never been the same. Well, <3’s dish was really good too!

Root 246 also has a lounge area if you just want to have a drink. They had a lovely wine cellar display. They take reservations which I highly recommend making.

Root 246
420 Alisal Road
Downtown Solvang


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