Dulce Patria – Mexico City

Another place that comes up among the must go restaurants in Mexico City is Dulce Patria, a fairly new restaurant that opened in the Polanco area of the city. Apparently everyone knows this chef, Martha Ortiz, and they were eagerly anticipating the opening of her new restaurant for awhile. Like Izote, Dulce Patria serves Mexican food with a modern twist to it. Unlike Izote, when you walk into Dulce Patria it feels romantic. It has a red/white decor to it with red lighting. The dark/red lighting gave it a more romantic feel. It’s amazing how lighting can totally change the ambience of a place, right? Like Izote, it’s a small restaurant but they can easily accomodate a large party, IF you reserve in advance.

We started with the Vampire Cebiche. I remember it having mangos in it. It was pretty tasty! The name makes it sound like it’ll be spicy but it was actually a sweet tasting ceviche.

We then had the tuna tostadas (I don’t remember the actual name of the appetizer). To be honest I remember it was good, but nothing else. The Vampire was memorable because of it tasted sweet, not sour like most ceviches (due to the limon).

For my cocktail, I had a drink that had mezcal, ice and mangos blended together. The drink was actually a little bit larger than a shot glass. If you haven’t had mezcal, it has a distinct smoky flavor to it. The smokiness goes well with citrus, so you generally have mezcal with slices of orange. In this case, the mangos were a nice compliment to the mezcal’s bold flavor. At first I was thinking why is my glass so small and then you realize, oh…mezcal is kind of strong. 🙂 We actually wanted to see the wines but the waiter only brought us the cocktail menu, so I’m not sure if they have a wine list.

One of the cool things that the restaurant served was the bread. They had rose, cheese, bean and sweet flavored bread. We tried all of them! I don’t have a photo of the rose flavored bread but I didn’t like it at all. It’s shaped like a brioche but when you bite into it, you see the pink colored dough. You know how the rose soap from L’occitane smells? Imagine eating that. It was just a big blast of rose! I couldn’t take more than one bite of it. My favorite was the bean filled bread (on the right) and the sweet bread (on the left). The bean filled bread tasted like black beans and the sweet bread tasted like King’s Hawaiian’s bread!

I had the filete de huachinango a la marimba veracruzana con arroz verde. Huachinango is red snapper, at most seafood restaurants in Mexico City you’ll find red snapper! Because my dad is an avid fisher, I know for a fact that red snapper can be caught in the Gulf of Mexico, hence you’ll find red snapper readily available in Mexico! As far as I know, when you fish for red snapper, you have to go deep into the gulf, you have to put your line almost to the bottom of the gulf and that’s where these guys will be swimming (please correct me if I’m wrong, as I haven’t done the actual fishing myself). Anyway, the red snapper was prepared Veracruz style. Since I’m not too familiar on what makes a dish Veracruz-like, what I know from MY dish was that it had green peppers, red peppers, onions, and other vegetables that I can’t remember that tasted like they were slow cooked with the red snapper, most likely in the oven? But the distinct flavors it had were green and red peppers. It was a great red snapper dish. But I personally do not like green and red peppers slowly cooked (I like them to still have crunch and freshness to it). Sorry the photo is so dark, I’m telling you, it was pretty dark in this restaurant!

Overall? We really liked the food. If you had the same food in the US, you’d pay 2x more for the same quality of food and drink. I definitely liked the ambience of Dulce Patria more than Izote. I would recommend Dulce Patria as a restaurant where you want to get dressed up and have a romantic meal. The restaurant is located in the Los Alcobas hotel in Polanco, just south of the main street Masaryk. Since this restaurant is fairly new, plan ahead and make reservations!

Dulce Patria
Anatole France 100
Col. Polanco, Mexico City, Mexico


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