Izote – Mexico City

I learned about Izote through Chowhound recommendations. The hotel concierge also had great things to say about the restaurant. The restaurant is located in Polanco, one of the wealthiest areas of Mexico City on the main boulevards, Masaryk. The restaurant serves Mexican food with a modern flair.

The impression everyone gave me about this restaurant was that it had a trendy/casual atmosphere, which was what we were looking for. When I first walked into the restaurant, all I could think was whoa, this place is…well lit. It seemed a little awkward for dinner and gave the restaurant a more sterile feel.

The first thing we ordered were drinks. I hadn’t had a margarita during my entire time in Mexico City and decided to have a different type of tequila. I really don’t know anything about tequila except that the locals tell me Patron sucks and Don Julio is good. Keeping that in mind, I decided to go for the tequila that was equally priced as Don Julio, Herradura, reposado style. My colleague had Don Julio blanco. We both agreed my Herradura tasted much smoother than the Don Julio, blanco style. Well, turns out that reposado means “rested” and will usually taste much smoother than blanco!

We shared an appetizer of seared bay scallops on top of chopped avocado. This was so good! The scallops and avocado just melted in your mouth. Eating it with the blue corn tortilla chip gave it the perfect amount of crunch/texture.

I had the seared beef tips with a side of black beans. They were perfectly cooked, nice and moist. I liked the black beans because they had a sweet taste to it, kinda like banana flavored and it didn’t have any water. I’m not really a fan of watered down beans (like when you eat feijoada).

My colleague had mole negra with duck. I had a bite of her dish and really liked it! The mole didn’t taste like the mole at Azul y Oro because it had a touch of five spice, which gave it a more Asian taste than Mexican. I think five spice and wild bird always tastes well together (like duck or quail). I was pretty impressed by her dish.

Overall Izote had really good food, though we didn’t see any locals eating in the restaurant (you can tell by all of the English conversations being had). Which makes me think, is this a restaurant that the concierge/locals recommend because it’s tourist-friendly? D’oh, I hate when I get suckered into a tourist friendly restaurant! I did a litle bit of research after the fact and learned that the chef is pretty famous in Mexico City, Patricia Quintana. The food did taste great so I would recommend Izote to anyone visiting the DF!

Av. Presidente Masaryk 513
Mexico City


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