Mexico water

I’m taking on another challenge. I’m going to brush my teeth with the local tap water! I know, it doesn’t sound that exciting. When I was in China and lived in Dongguan, I never even considered brushing my teeth with bottled water. When I tell people where I was they look at me in shock that I brushed my teeth with the tap water. Oops? I didn’t dare brush my teeth with the tap water in India, that’s for sure!

Anyway, maybe it’s the people I travel to Mexico with that have gotten me paranoid. I noticed a lot of the folks in the office brush their teeth during lunch AND they’re not using a water bottle. So I tell them what other people have told me, don’t drink the tap water! They said yes, do not drink the water, but it’s ok to brush your teeth! Yes, I understand the locals are probably accustomed to the beings that grow in their water so it essentially is OK for them to use it. But come on, I’ve eaten at plenty of stomach ache stands, without getting a stomach ache! Bring it!

So, I started to do that last night. If I get any type of sickness, this blog will have evidence of what happened!

On a side note, I’m starting to think Latin AmericansĀ  have better dental hygiene than the folks from the US? Do you see your colleagues brushing and flossing after lunch? I certainly do not see it as much as I do here!


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