Heading to the DF

Mexico City, I’ll be there for two weeks! This will be my fourth trip to Mexico City since August 2009. I really do like Mexico City, the food is amazing. Though, you can’t really eat any salads there. This time we’ll be staying in Polanco. Polanco is like the Beverly Hills of Mexico City. It’s really nice and trendy. I also like the areas of Condessa and Zona Rosa. Condessa I would clasify more like a West Hollywood.  It’s kind of like when you drive on Sunset Blvd and you pass through the area between Doheny and La Cienega.  Zona Rosa is also like West Hollywood to me…the part where Robertson/Santa Monica Blvd intersect. Zona Rosa basically means the pink zone, isn’t that cute? So, it’s quite similar to West Hollywood. Though, I think in Latin America they are more open to profess their love in public than in the U.S, it just so happens there’s a higher # of people per square meter professing their love in Zona Rosa.

Anyway, I mention that I really like the food in the DF (Distrito Federal). There were a few notable restaurants from my last few visits:
Pujol (listed as top 100 best restaurants in the world)
Biko (listed as the top 50 best restaurants in the world)
El Califa

I liked Pujol the best. Mostly because the service was the best. Biko would have beat Pujol had they explained what we were eating from the tasting menu (It could be that they didn’t have an English speaker at the time?)

Based on my research so far, I’d like to try:
Jaso in Polanco
Azul in Condessa
Dulce Patria Polanco

I don’t really feel like eating tacos. As much as I love tacos, I still can’t stand the sight of them. I think I’m taco’d out!!!


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