White truffle oil pasta

Are you a fan of truffles?  The smell of truffles can permeate a room quickly, so I’m not sure if one would like the taste if they can’t stand the pungent smell.  Personally I don’t mind truffles.  I won’t go out of my way to eat them though.  One of my friends gave me white truffle oil for my birthday.  We decided to make a recipe that we saw the Barefoot Contessa make recently.  She used white truffle butter so we improvised a bit by modifying our truffle oil and butter ratio to accommodate her recipe.

We couldn’t find the pasta brand that she used.  We also added a poached egg to give the dish more protein (though I think shrimp would work well).  This may seem like a lot of chives but the chives adds a lightness to the heavy taste of this dish.  It tastes heavy because you use egg pasta, butter, a poached egg and white truffle oil.  It took about half an hour from start to finish to make this dish! I think the dish worked well with a medium to full bodied red wine.   The red wine helps cut through the heaviness of the white truffles.  Another easy meal!  Enjoy!


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