Failed attempts

So I want to share with you my two failed attempts at cooking this week.  This shouldn’t showcase all of my successful meals.  After all, if I were a successful cook then my name would be Thomas Keller!  Well that name is taken anyway! 😛

Fail #1:

Making bread in my dutch oven.  One of my bestest gal pals got me a Le Creuset cast iron oven!  Oh how I always wanted one but was too cheap to buy one!  In over a month I’ve made tons of dishes and it’s worked out marvelously.  At a recent potluck someone made bread with the oven and I SO wanted to copy it.  He said it was really easy to make and he didn’t even know how to cook.  I was sold!  I found a recipe on a blog that will not be named (I don’t want their credibility to go down bc I enjoy reading that blog).  I followed it exactly, except for the part where they used a KitchenAid stand mixer to do the kneading.  I spent almost an hour kneading the dough!  It took forever for the windowpane to show up and it reluctantly did.  More like, I gave up trying to get to the windowpane and hoped for the best.  I put the dough in the oven, covered and cooked it for half an hour. Then I removed the lid and cooked it for an additional 15.  It looked and smelled pretty but the bread was so heavy.  It was so dense!  It was like cake bread!  Lessons learned, I will never make bread that requires kneading.  I will make bread that is “no-knead!”

Fail #2 To be continued…


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