Brazil trip #2

This is late entry but I still wanted to post it!


The first time we visited Brazil, I prepped by watching Anthony Bourdain’s Sao Paulo episode. He went to the Mercado Municipal which he deemed his favorite market! The Paulistas all say to try the Mortadella sandwich. Unfortunately, the first time we went, the market was closed! I was so sad.  This time, I asked all of the locals I met so far (including hotel staff) if the market would be open today (Sunday, July 11th). Everyone said “ehhhh, not sure…but it is open Mondays through Saturdays.” Our driver said that he’d pass by the market to see if it was open. Lo and behold, it was open! I would’ve been so sad if I didn’t get a chance to check out the market this time around! I’m so glad I went, there were so many tropical fruits there including passion fruit, mangosteens, cherimoya, soursop, mangos, strawberries, etc…it all smelled so wonderful!

What does mortadella taste like?  It reminded me of thinly sliced bologna meat that is cooked till crispy over a griddle.  Is it amazing?  I think the fact that it had soft bread, ooey gooey cheese, and the fact that I was in the realm of the Mercado made it a tasty sandwich.


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