Thanksgiving potluck – part 2

Second potluck was equally awesome.  Wine spice anyone?  Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos of this potluck but for your imagination:
– A whole roasted pig from Chinatown
-Bread infused with rosemary made from a Dutch Oven
-Spaghetti squash salad made with squash from the CSA (go awesome hostess for supporting local farmers!)
-Lentil salad with beets
-Stuffed mushrooms
-Lamb roast
-French cheeses, my favorite being a cheese in the shape of a pear.  Yet the cheese tasted like pear with the consistency of cheese, amazing!
-Pumpkin pie in a cute jar for each guest as a parting gift!

Wait where’s the turkey?  Who cares, there was a lot of tasty food that no one noticed the turkey!!!  I made butternut squash soup with the squash we purchased at the farmer’s market.  As much as I love kobocha and butternut squash, I DETEST cutting them.  You can’t use a vegetable peeler to have at the skin (unless you have some kind of machete peeler that I don’t know of?).  I usually hack at the skin with my trusty henckels chef’s knife.  It’s still a bit scary.  Some say you should boil or bake it a bit to soften the skin, but that’s just additional time to kill, which you may not have!

I used this recipe.  It’s quite simple and I think fairly healthy as well.  Chicken broth can be replaced with vegetable broth.  For the amount of soup that you make, the butter in this recipe is pretty immaterial.

I didn’t want to transport the soup in a dutch oven, so I used a stock pot.  I plastic wrapped the pot first, then I placed the lid on and plastic wrapped that too!  THEN, I put the pot in the box that I purchased the pot in.  TRIPLE protection in my car!  Don’t forget to bring a soup ladle.  Also, if you make soup it’s best to bring spoons and bowls.  Unless your hostess is kind enough to supply these items for you, but it’s always best to ask ahead of time!

Note to self, I should buy some soup bowls.  Enjoy.


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