NOLA for the big bday

An overdue entry but I have to write about my first time in New Orleans.  Originally I wanted to save NOLA for my bachelorette party, but ❤ thought we should go somewhere.  He suggested the Bahamas (bc I wanted to tack on ONE more country before turning 30), but I didn’t have a strong desire to go there.  NOLA and Montreal were my top two “local” destinations.  I was also cool with going to NYC with ❤ since we’ve never been together.  NOLA won because we both had miles that allowed us to go for FREE!  See, being in a long distance relationship for 2.5 years did come with perks, like a ton of miles for free personal trips!

My impressions of NOLA –
-Everyone is SO NICE.  This is the first state in the south where I actually felt “southern hospitality.”  For instance, we started walking around the French Quarters around 7:30am on a Saturday.  As we walked towards our first food destination, Cafe du Monde, people cleaning their shops or walking their dogs would greet us!
-People love their sports here.  You see sayings like “Geaux Tigers!”  or something related to the Saints plastered on storefronts/bars.  If you’re into football, NOLA is definitely a good place to not miss a game!
-The weather was perfect!  The hottest it got was low 80s and we didn’t encounter any of that infamous humidity!  If ever there was a time to visit NOLA, I would highly recommend October!
-There’s always something happening in NOLA.  Live bands, music festivals, you name it!  You don’t even have to come during Mardi Gras to see people flashing their assets to get some beads.
-NOLA is like a big city with a small city personality.  I mean big city in that…there’s so many great restaurants, things to do and history to the city.  I say small city personality because people are so warm.  I feel like this place has made me…not dislike Americans as much as I did before.  When we met up with a friend that lives in NOLA, he said that people are warm here because they’re just so happy that people still visit NOLA even after Hurricane Katrina.  I think it’s because NOLA doesn’t have any big corporations.  Once you have big companies, you have big attitudes and egos!

The food was soooo good.  The great part was the GREAT food was reasonably priced!  You get warm southern hospitality in a fancy restaurant that charges you $20 for a prix fixe 3 course!  It doesn’t just come with three items, some places served us an amuse bouche AND petit fours.  Where in southern CA can you get great service and food?   Seriously, you can’t in CA because it comes with a side of attitude and a 50% mark up!

I must say though, we didn’t eat much cajun food.  NOLA is not the place for cajun food, it’s more creole type cooking.  Basically you shouldn’t go to NOLA to find stuff like awesome etoufe or po boys.  The food we did eat did have the Louisiana personality.  Like, there’s tons of dishes with gulf shrimp, grits, sausages and boudin.

My overall impression of NOLA was a pretty positive one.  I’m so glad we got to experience it together.  I still have NOLA as a top contender as a bachelorette destination!


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