Tacos al pastor en La Condesa

We decided to do a tacos al pastor run. Too bad it was raining, we ended up going to only two. El Farolita and El Califa. Both are located in La Condesa area of the DF. La Condesa is one of the trendier areas of Mexico City. The first two taco places are located across the street from one another. Our third spot would have been El Tizoncito but it was raining too hard. We tried El Tizoncito in Monterrey, but it would’ve been nice to try three spots for one meal. I definitely think all three are worth trying, especially if you are timid about trying taco stands.

El Farolita’s meat tasted very similar to Chinese BBQ pork! I truly believe good tacos al pastor should come with PINEAPPLE! 🙂

Our favorite was El Califa
I haven’t found any tacos de Costilla at home, so I knew I wanted to get this while visiting Mexico. It must be something unique to Mexico City? Anyway, it’s rib meat. I’ve seen it prepared two ways. One where it’s all chopped up and here at El Califa, they cook a thin slice of rib meat. It’s sooo juicy! The taco de costilla is pictured on the plate on the right. There are two other dishes that I found I found unique to Mexico, chicharron de queso and cactus. Basically a thin layer of shredded cheese is melted on a griddle or pan until it turns golden. Then as you take the melted cheese off, you fold it like a crepe, except sometimes they fold it to form a dome. It’s basically a nacho made of CHEESE. You can see that pictured in the middle. We ordered the “nopales con queso,” cheese melted with slices of cactus. I’m not a fan of cactus because it doesn’t really have much taste to it (pictured in the plate on the left). I ordered the tacos al pastor and the tacos al pastor pollo. The pollo was too dry. The tradicional al pastor was spot on GOOD.

El Farolita
Altata 19, Condesa

El Califa
Altata 22, Condesa


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