Homemade macarons

Gal pals and I got together Sunday afternoon to make macarons based off of Martha Stewart’s recipe.

Using the Kitchenaid stand mixer was unbelievably helpful! Making these with a hand mixer or by hand would’ve taken twice as long! We weren’t paying attention and accidentally used wax paper. Some of the cookies stuck and broke. We salvaged most of them. They were still oh so tasty! Whole foods doesn’t carry whole vanilla bean, it would’ve taken these macarons to the next level!

The recipe says to make the macarons 3/4″ inch in diameter. We made ours 1.5-2″ in diameter, which means we had to add more baking time.

It was also our first time piping. Steady hands people!

Below you can see that some of them cracked while transferring the macarons from oven to cooling 😦 You can also see that you don’t have to make them perfectly smooth and they will still bake nicely!

We managed to save enough macarons that were similarly shaped to pair them up!

Three hours later. Firm outside, chewy inside with a cool vanilla buttercream inside. Don’t they look like they’re smiling? 🙂

THEY WERE SO WORTH IT. I have a newfound respect for these delicate cookies and the bakeries that make the tasty ones. It takes a lot more time and patience than making chocolate chip cookies. My favorite macaron by far are still the Bouchon ones (I really think there’s some kind of rose infused taste in them!).

Next time we’re going to try to make seasonal ones, raspberry and pistachio! I also want to try to make the buttercream frosting with whole vanilla beans.


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