I truly believe LAX has the WORST customer service of any airports I’ve ever flown in. The worst part is that this is the airport that I have to fly out of!

I’m finally back from Mexico. After 13 nights in Mexico, my final taco count was 34 tacos. I’m taking a break from eating anything Mexican since I’ll be heading back to Mexico in a month. The idea of eating fresh vegetables sounds so appealing right now!

Last night we tried our luck at getting an earlier flight from DFW to LAX. We were # 4 and #5 on the list. Out of some sheer luck, my traveling partner got on the plane and my name gets called next! As the lady prints out my boarding pass, four flight attendants rush to the ticket counter. Turns out that they were ahead of us and finally made it to the boarding area. My traveling partner was asked to exit the plane and my boarding pass was torn in half. How sad! Even with Platinum/Gold status, you can still get bumped by someone with Executive Platinum or a flight attendant. *sigh* At least the service at DFW was unbelievably hospitable:
-Clearing Immigration, I asked the officer to stamp my passport and he did! He even asked me which page I’d like my stamp on (why do some officers stamp on the pages that shouldn’t be stamped?! or worse, they stamp OVER other stamps!) Now I have four stamps from different airports in the US: LAX, MIA, JFK and DFW! BTW, I didn’t ask for the stamps in MIA or JFK because they sometimes do stamp!
-Going through customs (security knew I was Vietnamese by my name. He noticed that I checked off that I had food on my form and asked me “so what do you have in there, nuoc mam?” it was actually vanilla, but that was cute)
-Asking to have a standby flight
-Rechecking our baggage claim and the guy was nice enough to tell us which way to go
-Asking what’s the quickest way to get from one terminal to the next (bc you have to use SkyLink, DFW is unbelievably huge)
-Even the time we got our tickets town because the flight attendants bumped us out of our standby seats.
-The guy driving a cart even took us to our next gate!

Compared to LAX=
-Our bags arrived before us since the bags made it on the standby flight. We have PriorityAccess cards on our baggage and there’s a specific area for First Class/Business/Platinum members. So we went to that area and asked them where our luggage was. The lady just pointed to the general baggage claim area. The next lady breathed a loud, sarcastic sigh because we actually wanted her to do some work. She finally told us where our luggage was sitting. Sorry, these ladies ARE working, right? UGH.

Folks, welcome to LAX.


2 thoughts on “Airports

    • I agree. When I traveled every week, back to back, it was definitely hectic! I especially didnt like having to wake up and being at the airport by 6am every week!

      Now I don’t travel like that so it’s not so bad. I still love traveling, despite some nuisances.

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