Mexico Day 6

When you are in Mexico, everyone seems to say “everything can be eaten as a taco.” One person basically mimics folding a tortilla in half, pinkie out (ok I kid, I just stick my pinkie out), and chow down. That is a taco.

So after a few days I decided to change my taco count to tortilla count. As of Friday night I have eaten a total of 25 tacos since I arrived.

To refresh:
Sunday dinner – Fajitas with 1.5 flour tortillas
Monday lunch – 3 really thin corn tortillas filled with bits of chicken (the office’s cafeteria food isn’t that great and there aren’t many food options out here!)
Monday dinner – 3 corn tortillas with slices of al pastor. These tacos were OK, the tacos al pastor in Mexico City are the BEST.
Tuesday lunch – 2.5 Corn tortillas that had some kind of shredded beef in them. Man, cafeteria food sucks here!
Wednesday lunch – 1.5 tortillas. I had a tostada from a local hole in the wall. two corn tortillas that were fried to a crisp. In between the two fried tortillas was boiled shredded chicken breast, one side had sour cream and the other side had guacamole. This is the traditional way of eating tostado in this region (Monterrey). Instead of chicken breast, you can use other parts of the chicken or ground beef. You can also add lettuce and tomatoes. The traditional American tostada is a deep fried tortilla shaped into a bowl.
Wednesday dinner – La Nacional, I had the barbacoa. 2 tortillas
Thursday lunch – 1.5 cafeteria tostada, prepared the same way as the restaurant. except they used mixed chicken meat rather than chicken breast only.
Thursday dinner – 4 tortillas. some of the guys took us out to a local bar where we had some cerveza, including a michelada. Then we had some REAL tacos where the locals eat! we had tacos de trompo (aka tacos al pastor, except the pork was seasoned closer to Chinese char siu/Vietnamese xa xiu), tacos with neck meat, tacos with carne asada, and another taco with beef. Oh man, so tasty! I wish I had photos to show you but I’ll have to update my blog later. I also had a bite of a gringa, it’s trompo meat with cheese in a flour tortilla. One of the guys told us, “make sure to put some salsa in it because it isn’t a taco without some salsa.” It sure isn’t!
Friday breakfast – 5 tortillas. Tacos sudados which means sweaty tacos. One guy tells us these are “fat-free” tacos. Tacos sudados are prepared by heating lard in a pan. Once the lard is hot, you put the corn tortillas in the pan, heat and then add the meat filling. Then you steam the tacos, this is why they are called “sudados.” The meat filling we had today was shredded beef with potatoes, chicharones, and beans. Each taco probably had a tablespoon’s worth of filling in it. When you eat them, you put shredded cabbage, limon, and salsa in it. They are fat free because when you cook them, it has tons of fat!
Friday lunch – 1 leftover taco sudado. I left my taco in two paper towel sheets. Four hours later, both paper towels were soaked all the way through with lard!!!

Oh my, this weekend I need to run. I still have 19 more days left in Mexico!


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