Mexico day 2

I have 25 days in total planned for Mexico this year. I’m going to do a taco count to see how many tacos I eat during these 25 days. At the end of day 2, I’ve eaten a total of 7.5 tacos. By tacos, I’m referring to any tortilla that is filled with something. Here we go:

Sunday dinner – Fajitas with 1.5 flour tortillas
Monday lunch – 3 really thin corn tortillas filled with bits of chicken (the office’s cafeteria food isn’t that great and there aren’t many food options out here!)
Monday dinner – 3 corn tortillas with slices of al pastor. These tacos were OK, the tacos al pastor in Mexico City are the BEST.

We did pilates today…in SPANISH. Just so you know, my spanish comprehension skills are probably at an elementary school level. I can get by on present tense verbs, order food, and understand basic conversation. The class wasn’t so bad!

The weather is rough, 95 degrees in heavy humidity. Basically it’s Texas weather for you! I hate getting out of the car and my shirt is sticking to my back! When I travel I try to carry as much machine washable clothes because of situations like now!


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