The Bazaar

Molecular gastronomy. For <3's bday I wanted to take him to something innovative and indulgent. Marcel Vigneron worked here (remember foam guy from Top Chef?). Michael Voltaggio (winner of season 6 Top Chef). These guys all worked for José Andrés, the man that operates the Bazaar. When you think molecular gastronomy, his name will definitely come up! (I totally forgot that my gal pal and I ate at his restaurant in DC, Jaleo back in ’08 which btw was also great food!). We even met the sous chef Douglas Rankin!!

I’m too lazy to tell you the details, so the pictures will do the talking. The food was prepared immaculately, you can tell care was taken into making every dish. there were so many details, like cute little radishes/carrots that were locally grown. innovative ideas, such as the metal bowl you see below…it had NITROGEN in it..their version of “dragon’s breath.” at first I was expecting dragon’s breath like the candy you eat in China, but it was literally, eating something that made you blow smoke out of your mouth!!!! Just looking at the food makes me want to go back again. Too bad I’m not made of money! Anyway, this is definitely a unique experience. For folks who are into the science of cooking, definitely check it out 🙂

Above looks like boba, but it’s his rendition of an olive!

This was their version of bagel and lox, compacted into a bite size!

The chef’s favorite, iberico jamon with cavier. what a decadent snack! I definitely see why iberico jamon is so amazing.

this had espresso, lychee sorbet and white chocolate…who knew the combinations would be so amazing? it was refreshing, decadent and smooooth.


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