Traveling for work

One of the reasons I enjoy traveling for work is that I’m less like a tourist and am actually making an attempt to work like one of the locals. For instance, I get to see if I’d really work and live in the city I’m visiting. Like I get to see how traffic is, I see where most of the folks live, where they eat, and more importantly, how they eat.

I’ve learned that traffic in Sao Paulo is unbelievably horrible, just under if not the same as Mexico City’s traffic (does it take you 45 minutes to drive less than 5 miles everyday?). Note: It took us 2.5 hours to travel 30 miles to the airport on a Friday. This is normal!

Paulistas drink coffee or tea after every meal…even after dinner! Don’t these people want to sleep?!

Brazilians greet each other with two kisses on each cheek, even at work. Can you imagine greeting your coworker, manager or a director with a kiss on the cheek?? Isn’t it sad how the US has become PC to the point of prudishness?

Even if you can’t speak Portuguese Brazilians never look at you like an idiot. They’ll do their very best to figure out what you need. Talk about amazing hospitality!


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