Rio day 2

Unfortunately we woke up to more rain! We called the concierge about our tour and it was cancelled. The two must see things are sugar loaf and Christ the redeemer statue. It rained so much where the roads were not in good condition to drive up. From our hotel room you can see both IF the weather is friendly!

Instead we decided to check out the neighborhood called leblon. This area seemed like where the ballers shopped! There was a louis vuitton, h. Stern, and other luxury brands. We then headed to confeitaria Colombo, one of the best cafes in the world! It was full of mirrors and looked so antique!

We also went to the saleron steps in Santa Teresa. A Chilean artist started making tiles to decorate the steps 20 years ago. 250 steps later he gave rio a beautiful set of steps for people to admire. I’m so glad we saw this because it was so unique to brazil! I loved how the stairs were so colorful, the way I see brazillian culture.

Then we headed to the highest point in Santa Teresa at a restaurant called Aprazivel. What a gorgeous view of Santa Teresa! I loved how the restaurant was built along the mountain and had trees all over growing within it, as if the mountain grew a restaurant. We got there just in time to enjoy the sunset and see the city sparkle!

The food was awesome too! I really liked our salad. It was simply made, baby greens, sundried tomatoes, sliced grilled zuchinni, sliced grilled eggplants, thinnly sliced grilled yellow peppers, Parmesan drizzled in olive oil and balsamic vinegreatte! Simple is the best way to go!

My tilapia dish was perfectly cooked. The okra was so good! They were young okra and every bite was perfectly crunchy and seasoned lightly.

Afterwards we decided to check out Barra shopping, Rio’s largest shopping mall. At 9pm the mall was packed! Considering all of the taxes that are imposed on products made outside of Brazil, Brazil’s economy seems to be booming! The interesting food thing we noticed was that everyone had a cupcake box. We finally found the cupcake stand and it was so busy. The scary part about these cupcakes was how much frosting was on each cupcake! I’m talking about frosting that was two times taller than the cupcake itself!

All in all, we got to enjoy our first full day in Rio despite the rain!


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