Rio – first impressions

We used one of Brazil’s airlines, TAM airlines. Rio is a 50 minute flight from Sao Paulo. The nice thing about flying outside of the US is that they dont have liquid rules (at least not in Peru, Argentina and Brazil). We didn’t understand anything that was said at the airport but knew that our gate changed based on the monitors. Once we boarded and reached our seats, we saw that someone was sitting in our seats. For some reason bc the gate changed and the flight was “late” by ten minutes, the airline allowed free seating, interesting!!!

Mind you, the flight was 50 minutes. I decided to take a nap and when we reached cruising altitude, I thought I heard the flight attendant say something about pizza and quejo (cheese). Wait, 50 minute flight with food?! That’s totally unheard of in the states! Lo and behold we are served a nicely packaged slice of cheese pizza and drinks! Whoa!

We see Rio and it looks stunningly green with plenty of tall buildings (most likely hotels). Once we got on our taxi it was completely dark out by 6pm!

We checked into our hotel and an older fellow is also in the elevator. He asked us where we were from and I said the US. He said, “I’m from Uruguay, we are number four in the world.” Awww isn’t that great how proud he is?!

We ate at a restaurant called Carlota based on reviews I found on chowhound. I’ll write about the food in another post!

One sad thing to note – it’s been raining cats and dogs in Brazil! I hope the rain will subside for the weekend. As one passenger told us, “think positive!”.

Ahh Brazil, I love the innocence and how helpful everyone is!


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