Regular Coca Cola

I remember people telling me that Coca Cola in Mexico tasted different from Coca Cola in the US. It’s because the US uses corn syrup and Mexico uses cane sugar. In Brazil, regular Coca Cola is made with REAL SUGAR.

I don’t drink sodas as often as I used to. By “often” I mean since 2006, I started drinking Diet Coke about 3-4x a month, now I drink it 1-2x a month if that’s the only option! I decided to drink REGULAR coke to see how it compared to my memories of regular coke in the US. Prior to 2006 I never believed in drinking regular coke! If you’re going to have coke, why are you going to deprive yourself of the real deal?! In 2006 I started drinking diet coke because I worked at a client where the only free drinks they had was Arrowhead water and Diet Coke. Of all bottled waters out there, I detest Arrowhead the most! So I decided to try the diet coke! For a month I had a Diet Coke at least once a week, since it was free! After a ton of free Diet Coke, I finally had a regular coke. I couldn’t stand how my mouth felt like it was completely coated in soda! I felt like I had to brush my teeth immediately otherwise my teeth would decay! So…that’s why I stopped drinking regular coke!

Fast forward to 7/11/2010. I wanted to see if Brazil’s regular coke really did taste different from my memories of regular coke in the states. First observation, ingredients indicate “açúcar,” sugar. After drinking the entire can, I noticed that my teeth did not feel like they were going to rot! I also noticed that my entire mouth did not feel like it was coated in a sugary syrup. Oh, it was lovely!

To conclude…yes! Regular Coca Cola made with REAL SUGAR does taste better than regular Coca Cola with corn syrup! BOO TO CORN SYRUP! People should stop supporting the production and consumption of corn syrup!

Next month I will try the sugar cane/sugar Coca Cola in Mexico and report back!


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