Hungry Cat's 2010 Crabfest

We went to crabfest based on the happy stomachs of the 2009 blog posts that I read. 4 different courses of crab and dessert. Sounds like a good deal right? Well…we were in for an unpleasant surprise!

Crab beignet
This was quite tasty. It was deep fried but light and crispy. The sauce had a nice kick to it.

Crab soup
A tomato based soup which also had a kick to it.

Soft shell crab with strips of dried pulled pork
The soft shell crab was good but the pulled pork was too dry! I didn’t complain too much about this dish though.

The main attraction, the steamed crabs. Oh joy! I was so excited because I haven’t had steamed blue crab since 2007, when I visited a gal pal and we went to Obrycki’s. Growing up, my family made it a regular event to buy live blue crab and steam them at home. We would dip the crab meat in lime, salt and pepper. Mmmm! I even took a photo of the critters before they hit the steamer:

Here they are in their seasoned steamy goodness.

They sure do look good, right? We each had 6 steamed crabs. However, only ONE out of my six crabs had the nice crab meat! The other crab meat was MUSH. Like the moment you break into the beast and dig your fingers into the crevices to get the meat, the meat would turn to mush! Wait, what? I told my waitress about the first one and she gladly replaced it with another crab…but that one was like..half mushy! I’ve had PLENTY of steamed crab in my time (king crab, snow crab, dungenesss crab, blue crab) and I’m pretty sure the meat is not supposed to turn into mashed potatoes as soon as you poke at it! Oh sadness indeed. The rest of my party also had mushy crab as well. What a disappointing blue crab experience. Maybe this is just not the thing to do in CA…

What causes steamed crab to become mushy crab meat? Either they were DOA (dead on arrival), overcooked, or undercooked. I don’t think they were overcooked because I’m sure the chef would’ve told the person steaming the crabs to time the cooking. Plus if it is overcooked, wouldn’t the meat become..tougher? The last thing I want to believe is that they were DOA…why would a restaurant even dare COOK dead crab? I’ve personally had live crawfish and lobster delivered to our homes just fine, so I would hope the restaurant didn’t have issues with shipping the crabs over to CA. I’ll just stick to buying my own live crab at the market myself…


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