Picky eaters

I’m referring to the folks that never want to try something new and always want to eat at the same place. Within a 30 mile radius of us (except going west because we’ll drown), we are fortunate to have a plethora of restaurant options. ❤ and I are willing to make the drive out to try something new or try the place that makes the best "insert dish here" place. I saw this today and I liked the critic's response regarding a gal with a picky boyfriend.

“Said boyfriend needs to grow up. He’s as bad as the sometimes-a-vegans and the rest of the malingerers. Recommending restaurants for these people is a rough business. We exist in different worlds. It’s akin to having Manohla Dargis correspond with religious fanatics about the best sex scenes in recent world cinema.”

Why is she dating him if she wants to try different places?!


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