This is how I gained weight, fast.

I mentioned before that I have a weakness for fries. Mexican food is another weakness. When you’re in Mexico for five weeks, you just HAVE to eat some tacos, right?

While in Monterrey, which is close to the US Border I had the following items.
Gorditas, yes I ate four in one sitting and had an orange soda.

I also had fries with my cuates (see following photo). Fries and Mexican food? I should’ve known I was asking for trouble!

Cuates aka as “twins” in Spanish. They’re called twins because you get two of them! It is carne asada, cheese, and guacamole wrapped in a flour tortilla. I think flour tortillas aren’t as popular as you go more towards the inside of Mexico?

Hochos! I got the red one. The red ones had CHEESE inside of them! They even served the hochos with fried potatoes!

While in Mexico City
I can’t think of the name right now but the one on the left is basically cheese that has been fried on a griddle. The one on the right are cebolitas, little fried onions. They looked like big green onions, but not as big as leeks.

Seriously, what was I thinking? Carne asada with cheese. We also ate carne asada without cheese (not pictured).

At the same location as the cheese, onions, and carne asada, I also tried the tacos al pastor. Note that they even put a slice of pineapple. Hey, I did have fruit once in awhile!

Real quesadillas look like this. The outside tastes like corn meal and the inside has cheese. The outside consistency is not as thick/hearty as a hush puppy. It’s larger than an empanada and smaller than an American quesadilla. That’s it. Or so the locals tell me

I had to finish it off with a horchata! I was so full from lunch that I skipped dinner. I don’t think I’ve ever skipped dinner in over a decade. I slept like a baby that night.

Tacos sudados. Sweaty tacos for breakfast. We got these from a stand outside of the office. I also had these while in Monterrey. The ones in Monterrey were literally soaked…in…lard? I’m not too sure but they were greasy and tasty!

During the same breakfast above, I also tried the tacos that had cactus. Cactus is ok, it doesn’t have much flavor. It tasted like a soggy cucumber. The highlight was that this taco had fries on it!

These tacos al pastor are from the same place featured on Anthony Bourdain’s show:

Freshly hand made blue corn tortillas.

Chimichuri, cheese, peppers, and onions. It was quite tasty

We tried the carnitas at the “best” carnitas place according to author David Lida. He showed Anthony Bourdain around in the Mexico City episode.

This is not the last meal in Mexico, this is the last photo of food I had in Mexico…shrimp

And this is how I gained 5 lbs in a mere 5 weeks. It took massive amounts of running and working out regularly for me to lose those 5 lbs. I can’t eat Mexican food every single day because I have to run and workout ALOT afterwords! 🙂


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