Fries are my biggest weakness. In an old Shape magazine article, it said the reason I crave fries is that I’m lacking fatty foods. Instead, I should eat things that are rich in fat such as nuts and olive oil. But you know, something about french fries just keeps me coming back for more!

My favorite french fries are skinny french fries, like McDonald’s. I like them crisp but not “well-done” like In n Out fries. The In n Out fries are so crisp that they start tasting like oil! I don’t like soggy fries at all! OH, fries are even better when they have a sprinkling of fresh garlic on them. I don’t care how stinky my breath gets afterwards, I love fries and garlic!

Because I love french fries so much, I refrain to eating french fries once a week. If I eat anymore, my pants start to feel more snug! I just can’t deprive myself of french fries!


2 thoughts on “Fries

  1. i love fries! mcd and in n out are my favorite… but i actually prefer really crispy or soggy rather than just right. i know, im weird! and garlic fries… heaven!

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