Shawarma and al pastor

Friday night we went to our favorite taco stand. Seems like the place has gotten more busy due to the food truck fad overtaking Los Angeles?

I hadn’t had tacos al pastor since going to Mexico city in November. I overheard the group behind us deciding on their order. They said they wanted the shawarma and I felt like correcting them. I refrained bc technically al pastor originated from the lebonese shawarma, except al pastor has pineapple on the top.

Anyway there’s my food fact for you. As for the tacos that night, the truck ran out of limon. Sigh, how does one enjoy tacos without limon?

Also, does anyone know where to get taco costilla? That’s rib meat and oh so moist. Maybe it’s best I don’t know bc that’s the taco that made me gain weight!!!


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