Joe’s Shanghai

My first night in NYC. Fooder friend recommended Joe’s Shanghai and I must admit, yelp screamed out yes. Went to the one in Chinatown with gal pal. ❤ has been here when he was in hs and also tried it when he was here earlier this year. First thing I noticed is how many non-asians there are in the restaurant. HMMMM.

We order the pork/crab dumplings and the pork dumplings. To add less guilt to our pleasure, we order the string beans. Though, ordering string beans are probably the worst vegetable dish compared to others on the menu (if you have attempted to cook these then you will understand!).

The dumplings come out steaming…but saggy. hmm. I’ve done this before, I place my dumpling in my soup spoon, strategically bite into the dumpling and let the broth fall into my spoon. This broth has a lot of weird color to it. I’ve never seen the broth so dark brown. Also, as the broth comes out, you see the pork bits. You know, kind of like when you cook soup and you have the blood collect to the top? like that. Hmmm. I try the broth, eh. I bite into the dumpling, it ain’t so bad. ❤ later tells me that he thought the same thing

I guess when word got around that they had soup dumplings, all of NYC wanted to try these things. And when the restaurant can’t handle the new capacity, what do they do? they either sink or swim frantically to keep up. I think in this case they started sinking in quality.

Gal pal never had soup dumplings before. So she enjoyed it. Oh, if only they were tasty my friend!


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