Hong Kong

This was my second trip to Hong Kong. My first time was in 2002 and I was there for a few days. I didn’t get the most of the experience because we didn’t know anyone and back then, there weren’t as many food research options as there are now. Since we had a stopover in HK from our India trip, we decided to extend our stopover to a week in HK. It was also <3’s first time visiting since 2000, when he was here in middle school.

Before going to HK the only place I wanted to try was Lung King Heen, the only chinese restaurant to be awarded three michelin stars in the WORLD. Quite an accomplishment! Without further ado, here are the pics!

Our starters. We asked for the three choice starter. They decided on what three to give us. We got roasted goose, bbq pork, and deep fried shrimp. When we saw the roated goose, we thought, what the heck is in that thing? From the outside it looks like a shell of some sort. When you bit into it, the pastry was flaky and you had bits of goose. We had bbq pork earlier that day. This bbq pork was nice and juicy without much fat in it. (If you’ve had bbq pork before, then you know how annoying it is to bite your teeth into a glob of fat, not pork…AH). The deep fried shrimp was also tasty.

Next up, our appetizer. Duck liver in abalone sauce. Melts in your mouth goodness!

Main courses
Wok fried scallops. I liked how they split out the order among the four of us. You don’t have to worry about some food hog! o.O

Wok fried shrimp. all the flavory goodness with fat shrimp!

Wagyu beef. Another melt in your mouth dish. The shishito peppers were a nice touch. None of them were the omg, super spicy peppers. I hate when you bite into one and it’s searing pain!

String beans. I loooove string beans prepared this way. I learned that you have to deep fry the beans in super hot oil to get it crinkle like that. It has to be super hot so you only cook it for a few minutes, otherwise you end up with soggy beans. that would be a soggy fail, right? πŸ™‚

I shared the mango sago pudding with pomelo. This is my new favorite chinese dessert! I love pomelo and now know how to prepare it! no pics of it bc we inhaled it.

Also shared the baked tapioca pudding.

Overall impression? This IS the best Chinese food. How so? Bc anything that could possibly go wrong with regular Chinese food did not happen. For example, you don’t bite into mounds of fat, it’s not overcooked, it’s not overly greasy, etc. This is Chinese food that is well executed. However, compared to our recent experience in Las Vegas at Joel Robuchon, another three star michelin restaurant, Robuchon is better. I mean this in that Robuchon’s food was unique. I KNOW what every dish should taste like at Lung King Heen. I didn’t know what to expect taste-wise at Robuchon, so my tastebuds were in for something new. Also, the service at Robuchon was by far the best, ever. Everyone was so courteous. Not in a “I need to be nice to you to get new business” type of way, they are confident their food is sublime and want to make sure you appreciate it too. Again, Lung King Heen is great, but don’t expect a Robochon dining experience. πŸ™‚


One thought on “Hong Kong

  1. its 9 am in the morning and im hungry! i love string beans too πŸ™‚ hehe i guess this is one time, where its not “the dirtier the place, the better the food”!

    Happy Monday~

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