India – the wedding

Have you been to a Punjabi wedding? I meant, if you are non-Indian, have you been to a FULL Punjabi wedding? Me neither because this wedding is not over yet! This was my second Indian wedding, except this is my first full on Indian wedding. A rough agenda:

1. February in the US – Sangeet for the groom’s side

March in India:
2. Sunday evening, Sangeet for the bride’s side
3. Tuesday evening, Sangeet for the groom’s side
4. Wednesday evening, MAIN reception
5. Thursday before dawn, ceremony
6. Thursday afternoon, Lunch
7. Saturday evening, Wedding ceremony in groom’s local town

May in the states:
8. Final reception

Ok now let me explain each event:
1. Sangeet for the groom’s side. This was mainly the groom’s family and friends. Introduction of the bride. Cocktail hour was at 7pm. We all sat at 8pm. Time to eat dinner, right? Quite the contrary. A little girl and boy danced for the couple. Cute. Next, a guy played the drums. Awesome, where’s the food? Another girl danced. OK…next, five women danced. Hmm, my stomach started growling. The women lure the men to dance. Now everyone danced! Wait, where’s dinner??? Dinner was served at 10pm, whoa. We had to be the debbie downer because I had an early flight to Brazil the next day.

2. Unfortunately due to bad timing, we missed the bride’s Sangeet and arrived in Delhi when it was over. I believe the same thing as event #1 occurred.

3. Sangeet for the groom’s side, Chandigarh. From Agra to Chandigarh, we arrived when the party started dancing. Which means only half an hour longer before everyone started eating dinner! Yes! 11pm and the food is out! Indians sure do love their buffets. There was even Chinese style sweet and sour entree, with paneer.

4. The Main Reception. This deserves its own entry.

5. See Main Reception entry.

6. Our friend told us on Wednesday night that we should stop by and have lunch by the lake. OK, I’m thinking a cute little picnic with picnic tables right? Oh, what was I thinking really? The lunch by the lake ended up being more like a luncheon by the lake, complete with awnings, waiters serving hors d’oeuvres, and full on buffet!

7. We did not make this event since it was more for family. Off to HK we went.

8. TBD



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