India – the MAIN reception

Being the groom’s friend, the groom’s part of the wedding ceremony started at 7pm at the hotel in Chandigarh. Chandigarh is a 2.5 hour train ride from Delhi and is kind of like the Irvine of India. It’s a city where they actually put some thought into the layout of the city. It’s a stark contrast from Delhi and Agra. Chandigarh does not have a lot of traffic lights. Instead, there are traffic circles. Before you enter the traffic circle, there is a sign that tells you the various sectors that you can venture into, by number. We were in sector 17. There are also areas where honking is not allowed in Chandigarh. What a relief!

The groom got all dolled up in Indian bling. Such as a crown, yes, he gets to wear a crown like a KING! All the while the groom’s closest male friends and family get turban’d up. Even ❤ got a turban! Afterwards, the groom headed downstairs to the lobby where the band started playing. The live band played as the men danced in front of the horse. The groom got to ride his horse for a little bit. He got off the horse and got into his limo. Everyone else got into a car and we headed to the nearest temple. All the while, our cars blocked off all traffic on this main street!

Lucky us, we got to ride in the limo with the groom too! After a 15 minute stop at the temple, we headed to the main ceremony/reception area. It was 9:30pm at this time. We had to drive half an hour outside of the city to a desolate ranch area. The ranch had a reception hall where the dinner was served. Outside the reception hall was the main event. A stage, a ceremony site, a dance floor, food being cooked for patrons to eat, grills for the waiters to pass out hors d’oeuvres, a dessert table, a “pan” table, table seating area, sectional couches seating area, and let’s not forget the crane that’s hovering overhead documenting the entire event! Oh, and the fireworks. Plenty of fireworks.

As everyone danced the night away, the waiters passed out hors d’oeuvres to the seated patrons. The dancing went on until midnight. Then dinner was served in the reception hall. Another buffet, with a baskin robbins ice cream stand! At 1:30am the couple had dinner. The groom asked me, did you have any coffee? I said, no, it’s almost 2am! He said you should because the ceremony is about to begin. Me:….

Yes, I should’ve had coffee. At 2am the couple sat in the ceremony site area and the priest started chanting. The chanting went on for 1.5 hours. Alone with the chanting, the couple walked around a ring of fire seven times. This signified that the couple was now married! Yay! Now that the couple was married, the groom was able to “take” his bride from her family. We leave the ceremony at 4am. Back at the hotel at 4:30am.

What. a. night.


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