Food in India

Since we were here for a wedding, we ate a lot of food buffet style.

-Our friend always ate the yellow dal. He said that it’s hard to find yellow dal in the US because it doesn’t really appeal to American tastebuds. You’re more likely to find black dal and in certain restaurants, you can request for yellow dal. If you like lentil beans, then I recommend trying the yellow dal.
-The paneer was cut in bigger cubes than the states. In the states the cubes are cut to about 1/2″ cubes. Here they are 1″ or bigger cubes.
-Fresh squeezed lime juice soda, sweet. You can get sweet or salty. Carbonated water, lime juice and some sweetner. Quite refreshing when the temperature is over 100 degrees.
-We even found fresh squeezed watermelon juice…yes!
-Guava…they have the guava that has the white pulp. My parents love this type of guava. Personally I’m not a fan of guava, pink or white. I don’t like white guava because the seeds are hard!
-Fresh dragonfruit! I haven’t had this since my parents stopped growing them, they’re quite pricey to buy in the states otherwise.

In certain countries you are warned to not drink the tap water, which is easy to practice. However, we were warned many times to not eat anything that was washed in the water, even the fresh sauces. Hmm…Indian food without chutney or any sauce? It makes me wonder if no one told us, would we be more inclined to dip away? I’ve been to three different parts of the world where I don’t drink the tap water, one being in Mexico (Rosarito, Monterrey, and Mexico City). In all parts I’ve had my go at chips and salsa without any reservations. Is my stomach’s digestive integrity really worth the risk? If our friends have been to India many times aren’t eating it, then what makes us an expert right? So we decided against it too. *sigh*

So to conclude, I can’t really say food in India was the best because I didn’t get to dive right in. If that’s the case, Indian food in the states isn’t so bad. Good thing we live within 25 miles of the best Indian food and we can eat Indian food in the states without any reservations, so we just dip away!


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