First day in India

We arrived in India on Monday at 2am and checked into our hotel at 3am. Like other places, the airport was full of taxi drivers trying to get our business…like seagulls! We used the certified taxi service inside the airport. There were a ton of taxis that were little three wheeled cars, a more advanced rickshaw. Our taxi driver drove a late model Ford, think 1950s with an engine that roared like a lawnmower. It was called an “ambassador” taxi. And off we went to our hotel.

It was too dark to see anything since everything was closed. I saw a lot of closed small businesses and stray dogs. It reminded me of certain areas of China (Dongguan) and Mexico. In the middle of the road there were three dogs blocking our way. The truck next to us honked at the dogs to move. Two of the three dogs moved but the third was like a dear with headlights. It was a white Labrador mix. Since the dog did not get out of the way quickly enough, the taxi drove right into it and we heard it scream its last scream, ever. How sad!!! (this is a unique situation and is not reflective of how folks are with dogs in India).

An interesting toiletry that the hotel had in stock was talc powder. It gets so hot here that you need to use this to alleviate our perspiration, or as ❤ put it, "to keep your nuts dry."

I'll write more about the purpose of our trip later.


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