Isaac’s Toast is in the states!!!

Since being back from Brazil, I’ve been craving fresh fruit juice. The closest robeks and jamba juice are now closed! So now I have to trek an entire 0.8 miles to get to the next closest jamba juice! 😛

I did a search on yelp to see if there were any nearby fresh fruit juice places. Of the results “Isaac’s Toast” came up! Could it be? Is it the same one that we came across while in Seoul??? Let’s retrace my steps. Back in December 2007, we made a side trip to Seoul (our main trip was to Nagano for snowboarding). We asked our friends for any local eats that we should try and he recommended going to Isaac’s toast for cheap sandwiches with special sauce. It’s a pretty big franchise operation in Seoul. We found Isaac’s toast in one of the subway stations, a small sandwich stand among the cheap clothes and goods stands. We ordered one sandwich, it had ham, scrambled egg, shredded cabbage and the special sauce. It was cheap and delightful! When we came back to the US I tried to google the recipe but lucked out.

How cool is it that they now have a store in the US! I checked out their menu online and they have the sandwich that we tried in Seoul for a mere $2.75, so I’ll definitely try that one first! I hope this place will do well in the states. I’m a bit surprised that they haven’t jumped on the food truck bandwagon yet? Who doesn’t like cheap, good food?

BTW, they have fresh fruit juice too! 🙂


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