São Paulo – mall, shoes, and feijoada

American songs cycled on the radio
-Beyonce’s “Sweet Dreams”
-Lady Gaga “Paparazzi”

Day 8
Going to the mall. Alone. This is not a new concept for me. Though, we’ve been forewarned by the office that one should not walk by themselves here. It’s not like I did much walking around the hotel. I took five steps outside of the hotel lobby, asked the valet to hail me a private car, and off I went. I entered the mall, did my thing, and asked the mall concierge to hail me a taxi. Done and done.

I was on a hunt for shoes. Havaianas and Melissa originate from Brazil. The first has made its way to the states and are quite popular, like reefs and rainbow sandals. The second brand are available through certain retailers. I learned about Melissa because I love Simone Legno’s tokidoki design. Tokidoki and Melissa collaborated in early 2009 with their own creation. Around SP I saw many girls wearing cute patent looking shoes and they turned out that they were Melissa. So I asked one of the girls about the shoes and she started gushing over them. How interesting! Being of Brazilian origin, these shoes cost half the price compared to the US. Such a coincidence with the timing…gilt.com had a sale on these this week!

Day 10
We had feijoada, a Portuguese dish that is typical Brazilian food. Per one of the locals, the dish originated from slaves. The owners would discard the “undesirable” parts of the pig and the slaves would make a stew out of these parts. The stew would cook in the cauldron all day and whenever the slaves were done they would have a warm food awaiting them. The components that make up feijoada include rice, beans and the stew. At this particular restaurant they had 8 different stews cooking, each having a different part of the pig. This included feet, tongue, ears, two types of sausage, and pork. I decided on the two types of pork, feet, and ear. I also included rice, beans, lime, greens and some pepper for kick. It was good! I was a bit disappointed by the feet because I got mostly bone. I think most of the meat from the feet was at the bottom of the pot. Sorry I don’t have pics of this but I think it’s fairly easy to visualize! 🙂

So what’s the difference between Sao Paulo and Rio? When you ask the Paulistas you get an interesting answer. Rio is known as the party place and folks from Sao Paulo are known as the hard working rich folks.

And this is my last night in Sao Paulo before heading back home. I’ll be back in Brazil in July and I hope to check out Rio!! Next up, India in a few weeks!


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