São Paulo – the weekend

We decided to take a road trip to Campos do Jordão. It’s mainly a place where Paulistas go to for winter vacation around July. There is a strong Swiss influence in the buildings. It took about two hours to get there and it was pouring rain! At certain points we couldn’t even see the car that was literally one car ahead of us. As we drove up the mountain we were thinking, whoa, we’re driving into the lighting and thunderstorms. We stopped at a restaurant that had a berry farm, Baronesa Von Leithner Bistro. While eating at the restaurant, we saw lightning, heard thunder and the restaurant had periodic blackouts! It was pretty trippy. Loving my fruit juice experience thus far, I ordered the suco do framboesa (raspberry juice). I also had broiled steak that was on top of finger potatoes, onions and strips of ham (think strips of spam). There wasn’t anything special about the vegetables but the steak was prepared medium rare, the way I like it! The suco do framboesa was memorable, it was like drinking one of those pastries filled with raspberries…or raspberry jelly…yum!

We didn’t really drive around because it was raining too hard and decided to go back. On the way down the mountain we approached a sign that says “Vista Chinesa” that turned out to be a scenic view point. We got out of the car and there were these creatures. Like a hybrid of lemurs and raccoons. What the heck were they?! They saw me take out my slr and thought it was food and started coming towards me! Oh how creepy!! I’m thinking maybe these are rain forest/mountain creatures! If anyone knows these animals, please let me know!

Before I forget, I had strawberry juice on Friday. It had seeds, I suppose it’s harder to filter strawberry seeds vs watermelon seeds. It didn’t taste as good as watermelon juice. Imagine eating only the white part of the strawberry with a little bit of the sweet red part!


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