More food from São Paulo

Juices tried –
1. Melancia – watermelon
2. Morango – strawberry
3. Orange, Pineapple and Mango
4. Caja – like a less tart mango
5. Maracujá – passion fruit
6. Framboesa – raspberry
7. Limon – lime
8. Strawberry and bananas
9. Uva – grape
10. Laranja – orange

The bananas here are half the size of the bananas in the states. I think these are the tropical ones because I’ve had these at southeast asian markets too. They are more dense than the U.S. bananas. The office has the little bananas in the breakroom. It’s so awesome how much fruit I’ve eaten here!

Pao de Queijo – Brazilian cheese puffs. O.M.G. These things are addicting. They are like…CHEESE with some bread in it. I do not kid. They are about 2 inches in diameter. Eating these warm are the best. I limit myself to two a day. These things are devilishly good.


2 thoughts on “More food from São Paulo

  1. OOOH I’ll have to test it out…which Brazilian grocery store are you referring to? My boss said that the one near work is not really Brazilian but Argentinean! like they didn’t know what this sausage linguesa was.

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