São Paulo, Brazil

Day 5 of my trip.

-The food is great.  I love how there are so many fresh fruit juices here!  For example, I’ve had fresh watermelon juice every morning!  Unlike the watermelon juice at home the watermelon is fresh, not frozen.  They blend the fruit, then they run it through a sieve to get rid of pulp and seeds!  I’m not a fan of OJ with pulp.  When I had watermelon juice in Mexico City, they just blended the entire fruit and didn’t filter it.  YUCK to that.  I’ve also had acai, strawberry and lime juice.
-I had my first caipirinha on Monday.  I had it with cachaca, fresh cut watermelon, pineapple and mango.  Wowsa that baby was strong.  It reminds me of a mojito.
-It’s so nice eating lunch in a group here!  When the waiter takes your order, they give you your OWN bill (or a electronic device).  When you are finished eating, you take your own bill to the cashier and pay.  You don’t have to deal with splitting the bill, people forgeting cash, etc.  It’s wonderful!  Why doesn’t the US have this??
-We also ate at Fogo de Chao.  My first time was at the one in Beverly Hills in ’05.  Same setting and all, except São Paulo’s had more interesting beef choices.  Like morcilla, ox tail, knuckles, etc.  I don’t remember the BH one having these?  I wanted to eat the ox tail and knuckles, but my mgr said, “Stop eating, I can’t stand watching you eat anymore.”

Other observations
-It’s so diverse here.  They tell me it’s like America in the sense that there are a lot of immigrants that come here.  I believe that.  It’s awesome.
-There’s a pretty bridge here, I plan to take a photo of it.
-They are gung ho about dental hygiene.  The office has a floss dispenser and everyone brushes their teeth after lunch.  Even the restaurants have mouth wash and floss dispensers!  I’ve only seen mouth wash at some Korean restaurants at home, but never a floss dispenser!


2 thoughts on “São Paulo, Brazil

  1. ooh it sounds pretty cool there! post pics! they probably don’t do individual tabs here because they’re lazy, haha jk. and i think we should have better dental hygiene here too! the other day alvin was just saying how some people at work really need some mouthwash during the day lol.

  2. Caipirihnas are interesting… I had my first one in a bar in London 10 years ago… Yours sound much tastier! It tastes like a super strong mojito for sure!

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